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Boucle Mario Bellini Sofa

The Italian designer and architect Mario Bellini was born in 1935 in Milan. There he attended Milan Polytechnic and began his own architecture practice in 1959. In 1963 he began to seriously design products and furniture. In 1970 he created this masterpiece of mid century modern furniture, "Camaleonda" - a uniquely modular capitonné style sofa that took the design world by storm. 

While it has never fallen out of favour, as evidenced by its continual presence in elite hotels, designer studios, celebrities homes and the MOMA in New York, the Camaleonda sofa has started to see a renewed interest from mainstream fashion and interior design publications and tastemakers around the world.

This reproduction maintains the integrity of the design with a superior Alpaca Boucle textile to finish. Arms are removable, fastening to the bases using cord and caribiners, for remarkable versatility.

‘Of all the objects I have designed,“Camaleonda” is perhaps the best in terms of its sense of freedom.There are an infinite number of possible configurations,’ - Mario Bellini Himself.

Take this beautiful Bellini sofa and make it your own. Make your space speak volumes with this voluptuous piece of iconic Bellini furniture.

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Width : 113.5"

Depth : 37.75"

Height : 26.5"

Seat Height : 15.75"